DSE Ergonomics

Online Assessments

DSE Ergonomics are able to offer an online DSE training and workstation assessment system to ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations. Following completion of assessments access to an online DSE report for each user provides you with a view of responses where risks may be present, with suggested action points in each case.

If necessary, I will visit your premises after the assessments are completed to assist you in managing any users where further action is required that cannot be easily managed from within the company.

Unique Selling Points of an online system:

The online DSE workstation assessment software is recommended for companies that need to provide DSE workstation assessments for more than 30 employees. Training is provided via a 3D animated tutorial and a full report is provided at the end for the company with any outstanding issues highlighted.

The online DSE workstation assessment software will reduce the costs of providing face to face DSE workstation assessments from £20.00 - £50.00 per employee for a face to face assessment to £3.00 - £12.00 each +vat for the online assessments. The costs above vary depending on the number of assessments that are required. For a quotation please contact us.

How the system works:

  1. Users log on to the online DSE system and view DSE ONLINE's animated training video. This provides a visual guide to safe DSE set-up, seated posture and other important considerations.
    Note: DSE Assessor training can be provided to those members of staff nominated to assist in the management of online assessments and post-assessment actions.
  2. Each user completes DSE's online assessment system, making any necessary adjustments to their workstation as they go.
  3. Assessment data is automatically collated by the online system and displayed in an online report summary with details of further action required for each member of staff. You can search for users by name or department.
  4. If DSE is required to assist with any post-assessment action I will return to provide a follow-up service - for example users with chronic pain. This ensures costs are only incurred for one-to-one time with users that require it.

Why choose the DSE's online workstation assessment system?